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Shelley Zavodny, M.S., LPC-Supervisor, LMFT-Supervisor

Email: Shelley@BanyanCounseling.com

**Shelley is available to take new LPC-Intern and LMFT Associate Supervisees

Shelley is a graduate of Our Lady of the Lake University with a Masters of Science in Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Shelley's experience includes Optum Behavioral Health, Texas West Oaks Hospital, Tomball Hospital, The Houston Galveston Institute, Shield Bearer Counseling Centers, and Covenant House of Houston.  Shelley's primary practice consists of supervison.  However, she also works with teens, young adults, individuals and families. 

Shelley believes in each individual and will work with them to develop their personal voice.  As a supervisor, Shelley works to create a collaborative realtionship in order for supervisees to gain understanding, knowledge and support as they walk their path at becoming a fully licsensed LPC and/or LMFT. 
She also hope to offer a voice for teens  (and those who are raising them) who may be having difficulty finding their place or identifying their role during this time of life. A voice for young adults who may feel they have one foot in adolescents and one foot in adulthood, and a voice for older adults who may be entering a new chapter in their life but now sure where to go next.  

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